Photography: the Looking Glass of Reality

Author Charles "Lewis" Carroll wrote it first. Through the Looking Glass is an expression meaning "in a parallel universe". Alice, his protagonist, falls headfirst into a fantasy, a colorful vision, and a strange world we read as unfamiliar yet tantalizing. Lured in by the extraordinary, Alice is like any film photographer, experienced or not. Reality becomes fantasy with each shot. This photo collection features both film and digital photography using a Nikon F-801 (N8008s) autofocus SLR camera and various Android smartphones.


Backside of a Catholic church. | Nikon F-801, Nikkor 28-85mm, 400 film | Chihuahua, Mexico 2019

Animals | Nature

Rooster in his pen. | Nikon F-801, Nikkor 28-85mm, 400 film | Limestone, Maine (2018)

Monochrome | Black and White

Abyss. | Digital | Itsukishima Shrine, Miyajima, Hiroshima, Japan (2016)

Neat Mistakes

Flight. | Nikon f801, Nikkor AF 28-85mm | El Paso, Texas (2018)