These works offer a deconstruction and over-saturation of life. 2020-2021 I began creating art not to build an audience or sell works, but rather, and more importantly, to express my moods swirling inside. If I couldn't articulate it, I could paint it. If life ever seems dull, an artist has the power to create something colorful and warped and call that "Life".

Expressionism looks inwards as a means for artists to express themselves. It is deeply intimate work, private only until each brushstroke (or pen stroke, carving, etc.) reaches someone else's gaze. It is also the truth, my truth, and I want to share this with you because you deserve it, and so do I. The flowers you see below are not flowers. They are pieces of the inner-landscape of my soul.

An artist who exhibits their truth does it in the hopes of touching someone else. This is an act of real love. I share my truth with you trusting you to feel something, a kinship, a pounding heartbeat, blood rushing, sweat pouring. All these things I experience (literally or figuratively) when creating art. I hope you experience them, too, when you see it.

If you don't, that's okay, but I hope that you find it elsewhere.

"Hunger" (2021) | Oil pastel on paper. | 9" x 12"